Thursday, April 5, 2012

A week of preparation. D Day is coming!

The past week has been a lot of prep work. We got totally stocked in the kitchen and even bought a few new gadgets. The dehydrator arrives on Wednesday (wooty woot)! But the most prep work has been going on in my head. Attitude is everything, who can argue? If you expect problems…you’ll get problems. If you expect great results…you’ll get them. It goes along w/ the old saying…”Whether you think you can or think you can’t. you’re right”. The problem, one might think, is that I need to get my son’s attitude right. But I believe children feed off their parents. Kind of like how an animal can smell fear, so can little ones. Especially with their parents. 

I have been talking to Carlos about how food affects his health. I’m trying to plant little seeds and water them here and there. I wanted to make a list of health issues that I think will go away once he’s on paleo for a month or so..

Eczema- It’s not as bad as it used to be when he was a baby but he still gets weird rashes here and there.

Pee accidents- This has improved drastically in the past 8 months. He used to constantly be wet from leaks. On average I’d say he has about 4 accidents a week

Night time pee accidents- same thing as above. They’ve gotten much better but I’m usually washing sheets at least twice a week

#2 accidents- yup. He says he doesn’t know that it’s coming. And I’m not talking about something watery where you think it’s a toot but stuff actually comes out. I’m talking about the kind that are big and plenty.

Asthma- it’s not too bad and usually only acts up when he has a cold. He takes a Cingular every night and the inhaler as a preventative

Behavioral wise- he’s a good boy but he does lose his temper once in a while. And if you give him candy then you’re asking for trouble. It will be interesting to see how paleo affects him in this realm.

Leg pains- this started occurring just recently. I think it’s ‘growing pains’. Let’s see if we can get Paleo it kick those leg pain’s butt!

I’m a little late putting up this post today. Today is Thursday. D Day (Dinosaur Day). The little guy is still sleeping as it’s spring break and Momma took off today and tomorrow (yippie). I am feeling a bit nervous but I’m not going to let it show. For breakfast I’m going to offer scrambled eggs w/ this amazing homemade ketchup from the ELaD (Eat Like a Dinosaur book) and homemade waffles.  I’m going to pick up the dehydrator then the rest of the day is up in the air. We’ll probably go to the park and just relax. Tomorrow we were planning on visiting a beach. We moved to PA in May from Delaware so we need to find a new beach to frequent this summer.

I have to admit that I’m excited about the challenge because I think in the end it will bring the two of us closer together. I’m putting my faith and prayers in with my Savior knowing that he will lead me. If things don’t go perfect, which I’m not expecting them too, there is a good reason for it. Trust Him and it will all work out. Amen!

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  1. You are sooo spot on with the attitude when it comes to yourself, but something I think we need to keep in mind is that we can't change our children's attitudes. We can only teach them how to handle our own ;)

    Carlos is a natural fighter. He seems to take everything you suggest for him to do and find a way to fight it. You know what, I realized just now that I have some friends like that... but they tell me it's just how they naturally react to things. They may be fighting against it, but they're still learning at the same time... so keep teaching him.

    Don't let him have too much say. He's going to fight, but in the end -- YOU are mom. What you say goes. You know what you're doing is healthy for him and is going to make his life better in the end and it WILL bring you closer (through the tears and arguments!) but don't forget... YOU are MOM and you are AWESOME.

    Say it with me:
    "I AM MOMMY, HEAR ME ROAR" hahahaha

    Love you guys so much. <3